The Devil Has Come Down To Us

If Jesus is the truth, and all Scripture is about Him, why do so many that claim to be Christians believe diametrically opposed views? Why are we afraid to ask questions? If we asked more questions we would believe the truth. The whole culture suffers because the church has little to do with the Christ of Scripture. The devil mocks us, the culture mocks us and now our president mocks us. For some reason we take it, but we shouldn’t. If it’s a lie we believe it without question. We’re on the verge of repeating Nazi Germany and Stalin’s USSR and too many put gene altering shots into their bodies because the government said too. 

Jesus said all men are liars, this includes the government. It seems we would call our Lord a liar before we would call our government liars. This is not going to end well.

This book is exclusively directed at Christians and should be considered Part Three of “The Kings of Delusions” available here at and Part Two “The Variants Will Kill Us” at

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