Something Wicked This Way Came

This is the fourth and last book in this series on the deceptions that control our lives. The creator of deceptions is the devil, he is the father of lies, in the church and in the secular culture. In obedience to him, many elected politicians and our government agencies have been active in facilitating the murder of Americans. Once upon a time we trusted these people. Like the FBI, CIA, NIH, NIAID, FDA, our senators, congresspersons and the president. They are our employees but now their allegiance seems to be to the devil himself. Trusting them put our lives at risk and many died. If we think they care about us we’re delusional. After four years of President Trump exposing what’s under our dirty sheets, and two years of rolling around in the filth of Big Pharma and the Medical Mafia, we now know our whole government is an organized crime syndicate. Any time along the way, Christians could have stopped the mass execution of our neighbors. But we didn’t. After experiencing first hand what I had previously written about I decided that the general public should suffer through another one of “highly acclaimed” my books.

I try to make light of it with satire and sarcasm (like that “highly acclaimed” stuff). However, if you’re overly sensitive, with no sense of humor, and a big fan of totalitarianism, this is NOT a book for you. 

This is Part Four of “The Kings of Delusions” available here at and Part Two “The Variants Will Kill Us” at and Part Three “The Devil Has Come Down To Us” at

Buy “Something Wicked This Way Came” at

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