How do you test for a virus that no one has a sample of?

How do you test positive or negative for a “virus” that not one country on earth has a sample of? The PCR test picks up proteins and other debris that our bodies get rid of regularly. It has no way of detecting “Covid 19.” We’re stupidly letting these liars kill this Republic. Next it will be over our cars, food, where we live, and forget about the worship of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. But then we don’t care about God anyway, we proved it last year. The government said “No church for you!” And we said “Okee-dokee.” And yet we still think Jesus is going to rescue this country.

For the past 2000 years numerous denominations used the “common cup” while taking part in the Lord’s Supper. There were a lot of flu, viruses, pneumonia over those 2000 years. But then our government, that lies regularly, told us there was a killer virus and we can’t go to church at all. And we said “Holy Shit! We better stay home Mable, God will understand.”

Christians used to go to their deaths before abandoning their Lord. But not any more. Yet we still think Jesus is going to rescue a secular Republic that can’t figure out what pronoun to use, or if the person standing next to us is a female despite that huge bulge sticking out of his dress, or believes that Jesus is equal to Muhammad, and using vaccines made with baby organs to save our asses is acceptable.

I don’t think He’s going to do that. I hope I’m wrong. But Christ is building His church and it’s built in blood. It’s past time to repent as Christians. The fake virus and the killer vaccines were just a shot across the bow.

“Let God be true and every man a liar.” Romans 3:4 

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