If Fauci is a liar, why believe anything he says? 

Since we all know by now that Fauci is a liar, why do we believe anything he said at all? Why do we believe there is a novel virus when none has been isolated? Sequenced is not isolation. Sequenced is what fake researchers do when they did not isolate a novel virus. 

Trump fell for it. I wish he didn’t. He was lied to by Fauci, so was Reagan about AIDS. These vaccines were in the works since the late ‘90s. They stopped them in early 2000s because all of the test animals died. We are their test animals now. 1000s have already died from the shot, 1000s more have been paralyzed by them. I wish Trump could have a meeting with Jon Rappoport or Dr. David Martin, or any reliable researcher. That could be a game changer. There is no government health agency that we can trust, they all work for big pharma.

Why are so many getting a gene altering shot? These shots were made from and with baby parts? It’s not a vaccine. Many have gotten a real shot many will not get the real shot but a fake shot. The Fauci-Gates-Wuhan crowd will now watch and see what happens. 

How can a virus have every symptom known to man and also have no symptoms all? When will we say “That sounds like bullshit”? Where did the flu go? It’s an amazing virus, it got rid of the flu, colds, pneumonia and sometimes even gun shot wounds.

Is this how Nazi Germany started, how Lenin/Stalin USSR started? With compliant lazy-ass people?

If this is a fake virus and the vaccine is gene altering, what do those that  complied and got the shot, think will come next? The Great Reset has turned out to be a cake-walk for satan and his minions. This is another great Tower of Babel. They never end well.

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