Christians Could Have Stopped the Fake Pandemic, the Coup d’état and Border Invasion

But we didn’t.

We should have said “Hell no, we will not stay home from church!”

But we didn’t.

We should have said “This is an obvious coup d’état” and go to war if necessary.

But we didn’t.

We could have been lined up at the border armed to the teeth and protect this country.

But we didn’t.

When told it’s “the Christian thing to do” to help the illegal aliens, we could have said “No it isn’t. They have no concern about the average American. They’re stealing and harming us and our children.”

But we didn’t.

When we were told most people are “nonessential” and must destroy their own livelihoods we could have said “We are essential and no one will force us to stay home.”

But we didn’t.

When Fauci opens his mouth we could have checked his record and seen that he has lied to presidents going back to Reagan, so why are we listening to him and paying him to continue to lie to us?

But we didn’t.

When they said this “novel virus” has every symptom under the sun and none at all, we could have said “That’s retarded.”

But we didn’t.

When they said we must wear masks and breathe in carbon dioxide and graphene oxide, we could have said “That’s bad for us.”

But we didn’t.

When they said we must stay locked up and masked until we get a vaccine, we could have said “What’s in the vaccine?”

But we didn’t.

When some of us did find out that it’s not a vaccine but “gene altering therapy” we could have insisted it be pulled from the market.

But we didn’t.

When we see that the flu went away and we can only catch Covid 19, we could have said “Hmmm…that’s weird.”

But we didn’t.

When we saw plainly the vaccines were killing thousands, and paralyzing thousands we could have said “I don’t think I want to play Russian Roulette.”

But we didn’t.

When we found out that the fetal cell lines that the vaccines were tested in, were not just from aborted babies, but from LIVE babies that were taken by caesarean section and had their organs removed while still alive without anesthesia, Christians should have shuttered at the thought of using executed babies to save their own butts.

But most didn’t.

Christians are still expecting God to deliver us from this commiefascist dystopia that our fake president has brought to us. They could read Scripture and see if that’s what God promised.

But they didn’t, haven’t and probably won’t.

In short Christians don’t give a crap about the Word of God. Christians claim to believe the truth, but lately none even ask for a 2nd opinion. They don’t care what they hear in church, they won’t question their fake ministers, they don’t question anyone in politics and culture, they just believe their favorite TV anchor. 

And most “feel” God in their heart. Most are all full of gnostic crap. Most feel very good about themselves. Most don’t “feel” like they’re sinners. But God does not agree with those of this mind.

“The heart is more deceitful than all else And is desperately sick; Who can understand it?” Jeremiah 17:9

This mess did not escape the Lord’s notice. He sent it all to us. 

And we still have not repented. We should today. We may be dead tomorrow.

Here’s a link to a truly frightening article. Enjoy the vaccine.

One thought on “Christians Could Have Stopped the Fake Pandemic, the Coup d’état and Border Invasion

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  1. I am a natural path and refuse to put the Frankenstein cocktail in my body or wear the face diaper.
    I have been blessed to go to Dr. to find out the truth about this dictatorial mistopia the government is pushing.
    The Lord has been informing me to trust in Him not man since this boon doggle has begun and I am glad I have.

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