Why Does Joe Biden Want To Kill Us?

This on the news today: 

“Hi Ho The Derry-O I wear my mask to school, it keeps my friends safe.” Teachers taught this to the children.

Ronald Reagan said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” 

Those of us that went to school in the ’50s and ’60s remember the government told us to hide under our desks in school, in case the Russians bombed us.

“Hi Ho The Derry-O the desk will keep us safe.” The desk was as useless as wearing a mask.

How stupid are we? Pretty stupid. This same government has NO SAMPLE OF A NOVEL VIRUS!!! None, not one country does either. They have a computer simulated code that they created to make these gene altering shots. THEY ARE NOT VACCINES!!! It’s experimental gene therapy and getting it is like playing Russian Roulette. Thousands have died from THE SHOT! NOT from the so-called virus. Thousands have died from government caused fear, isolation, Remdesivir and ventilators that were wrongly prescribed. THIS WAS PURPOSEFUL! And thousands have killed themselves because of the forced shutdowns. 

We all complied. We’re still complying.

Government is made up of people that were once our next door neighbors. They are not smarter than anyone else, and they’re sinners just like everyone else. Therefore they lie like just everyone else. But once they get into government and play ball with the powers that be, they become killers. This goes for both parties and especially for ALL of our government agencies and employees. They’re killers. And we are paying them to kill us.

Fauci has never met a lie he has not embraced, and we still believe him. His depopulation syndicate said a while back we have to “rebrand the flu.” They did. Now it’s called Covid 19.

Hopefully more industries and their employees will shut the whole country down before we let these Mengeles put their evil potions into us.The fake vaccines are killing many, leaving many paralyzed, causing blood clots that take no prisoners. And too many still say “We want the shot.” YES! We’re stupid.

In my lifetime, the Nazis were defeated and the USSR collapsed (to a degree anyway). And we were always told to get a 2nd opinion for any medical diagnosis. But not anymore. Only the government doctors can be believed now. And they ONLY make money if we’re sick. Our health does not help their bottom line. They’re all in league with the pharmaceutical companies and go in and out of government.

The Nazis had their Dr. Mengele forcing experiments on their captives freely. So after the war we established the Nuremberg Code. NO ONE CAN FORCE ANYTHING INTO OUR BODIES WITHOUT OUR CONSENT!

But then we had a November 2020 coup d’état. Our imposter president tells us he’s losing his patience with us. Well isn’t that special. It may not be long before lying’ Biden meets God. It may not go well for him. He should repent before it’s too late. Lying and killing are the works of satan.

Let’s Go Brandon!

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