The Variants Will Kill Us

If you consider yourself a Christian, have you ever stopped to evaluate what you or your church actually believes when compared to the Words of Scripture? Most churches today major in variants of the Word of the Lord. Some in minor ways and some in deadly ways. If they’re really eternally deadly, do you even care? Do you question what you hear? Most don’t. Why not? How many variants can we believe and still be in the Christian faith? I’ve been in a number of denominations. Not one sticks to the Words of Scripture. Yet each one thinks they are the ones that speak and teach the Word of the Lord truthfully. They teach some of God’s Word, and then they don’t. They have adopted traditions of men. This is bad enough for and in the church. But how do the variants of Scripture affect the rest of society? When Christians choose to believe traditions of men instead of Scripture, the whole world suffers. Judgment begins with the house of God. Since we don’t question ministers, it follows that we won’t question politicians, doctors or teachers.

There’s nothing good to say about the variants I’ve listed, so instead I offer you a boatload of sarcasm and irreverence for your enjoyment. However, if you’re overly sensitive, with no sense of humor, this is NOT a book for you.

This book is exclusively directed at Christians and should be considered Part two of “The Kings of Delusions” available here at

Buy The Variants Will Kill Us at

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