Stop Screwing Up WordPress

It’s as if these people sit around and say “How can we “f” this site up more today than we did yesterday.”

It used to work fine, it was intuitive, NOW IT’S NOT!

So, can some kind person out there tell me how to add a title to a sidebar widget? I have the code in and it shows up fine. But just 1 MONTH AGO there was a slot for a title. Now there’s not. I want a title.

I don’t know if that sounded mad, I wanted to sound mad, I don’t know if I succeeded. But this site is losing it more and more with every change. WordPress should picture me shaking my finger very seriously at them, screaming a few socially unacceptable words. 

Hire some some older people that know how to do things and make things work.

That’s it for my rant.

If anyone knows how to do this or if I’m doing it wrong I would appreciate your knowledge.

3 thoughts on “Stop Screwing Up WordPress

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  1. I think it’s more that the coders have to do something to prove their worth, the reason they are on the payroll. If they keep it the same, user friendly, makes sense website, they are not doing their jobs. They are considered slackers, otherwise.

    A little bit to their defense, however, is that as new versions of PHP are released, the newer versions tend to break the previous PHP scripts, sometimes to an unusable state. I have maintain two virtual servers at the office for sites with new and older PHP scripts. Many of are clients don’t like change, so we have to maintain their apps in older versions of PHP. It gets to be a problem with security, but we find work a rounds. We don’t have millions of users, so it’s easier for us to deal with the different versions of PHP.

    But I’m not going to give WP a lot of slack for not slacking, because they are trying to force web browsers to act like desktop publishing programs, and it just doesn’t work. We be’d there and did that years ago. Desktop publishing has it’s limitations in browsers. Script jockeys need to know their limitations. They should not be trying to force their unworkable pipe dreams down everyone’s throats.

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