The Kings of Delusions

“We control the vertical. We control the horizontal.” There was a wild TV show years ago that said something like that. Now it’s true. We are a controlled, deluded, seduced people. We’re seduced by anything and everything. We may know a few of the culprits, a few kings, but not all, and we may never know them all. But we certainly are being played.

Inside are my thoughts on who’s playing us, how many culprits there are, and how they do it. I’m sure, comrade, you can come up with many, many more of your own.

Our controllers should not scare us. Catching them in action is our only line of defense. Ultimately they’ll all die and face our Creator just like us, though they seem to be unaware of that fact. The day is ripe, we must act on it or we’re done.

This is another one of my terrific books that no one will read. But I’m going to keep pumping them out until someone reads them or I die, which ever comes first.

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