If you live by the sword…

Regardless of whether the verdict was right or wrong, “If you live by the sword, you die by the sword.” There are many variations of that proverb, I believe Jesus may have started something like it. But the sentiment holds true. If you live against your neighbor you will pay.

George Floyd did just that. He was a criminal many times over. Being a criminal put him in the position that caused his death. He is responsible for living against his neighbors.

Dereck Chauvin had a number of complaints against him as a police officer. He  acted in a callus manner against Floyd. Why anyone would have to keep his knee on the neck of a sick, weak man is unknown to me. But he did. He lived against his neighbor and abused his office. 

Both lived against their neighbors, one died because of it and the other will pay a very steep price.

But one thing is clear, Floyd was NOT a good man and his canonization to sainthood is sheer lunacy. 

Making him a saint has paid his family very well. But they know the truth about Floyd. They have encouraged riots, burning, looting and death to the people they live with by making him out to be a saint, his victims know differently. Maybe callousness runs in the family. Why Democrats use their own family members as pawns for an ideology I’ll never understand, especially when we consider we will all face God one day. 

In any case this verdict will not bring peace to those that ‘want’ to hate their neighbors.

We are a deluded people.

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