We Once Had An American Republic

But not any more. Our government is a satanic dystopia and it will get much worse. That’s rather harsh, wouldn’t you say? Some will be upset. C’est la vie.

Many don’t believe in satan. But Jesus did, so I do as well. Though satan is NOT Jesus’ equal, he is real.

He does two things; he lies and he kills. Jesus said satan is the father of lies and a murderer from the beginning. (I don’t capitalize his name because it’s personal.)

Scripture also says, since people do not love the Truth, God sends them a strong delusion so that they believe what is false. Remember, satan is God’s devil, he is an order taker.

This isn’t a theology lesson, just my observation on one substance/issue based on what I believe.

1- Trees and plants need carbon dioxide to live. If they live we have food and shelter, so we can live.  But the “climate cultists” want to penalize the production of carbon dioxide. They believe it’s bad. They believe a delusion. This belief makes them a lot of money and costs the rest of us a lot of money. If they got what they wanted we would all die. People that believe delusions are not all that smart.

2- “Check with your doctor.” Aren’t we sick of that instruction? You could count on one hand the number of doctors that tell the truth today. They ALL wear masks. They all tell us to wear masks. They ALL know breathing carbon dioxide would kill us or at the very least will make us very ill. That’s what wearing masks do. They kill. And so do these lying doctors. Almost every other person we meet believes this so-called virus is comparable to nuclear fallout. These people comply with our handlers because they don’t read, they believe their lying doctors, and they are deluded.

The “climate cultists” are in bed with the “population execution police” and “medical terrorists,” you know, Fauci, Gates & company. They have forced the opposite of real life on us. They want us dead. They want to starve plants of what they need to live and want to force us to breathe in what will kill us. Some people are actually wearing two or three masks. The government and their groupies are emissaries of satan. 

That’s harsh but true. They are controlled by their father the devil, the father of delusions. Delusions are strong and we believe many of them. Satan hates God and all of His creation and is hellbent on killing it all, that includes us.

This topic is all secular. We’re not even touching how far the churches have fallen from Christ. Ask yourselves “Is Scripture even read and preached “in context” in my church?” No? Then we’re believing lies.

But at this time we are not an American Republic, we are a controlled people, a deluded people. But for how long?

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