All The Days of Resurrection Season

Many Christians have a favorite day during the Resurrection season. We really shouldn’t. Our Lord Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, had to fulfill all of the Law of God and pay for our sins, removing them from us. Therefore no one day of this time of remembrance is less important than the other. We need them all. We needed all of the life, work, and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We needed His miraculous Last Supper giving us His body and blood with the bread and wine on Thursday.

We needed His humiliation and suffering from the religious leaders and the secular leaders.

We needed His suffering on the cross on Friday.

We needed Him to be forsaken by His and our Father.

We needed the wrath of God to be completely poured out on Christ, our Substitute, while on the cross.

We needed Him to ask His Father and ours for our forgiveness while dying.

We needed Him to finish His suffering on the cross.

We needed Him to give up His spirit and choose the time of His death.

We needed Him to fulfill God’s Law by resting on the Sabbath since His work of the new creation was done.

We needed Him to rise from the dead, destroying death for us, on Resurrection Sunday.

We needed Him to ascend to His Father and our Father. God exalted Him and the incarnated Lord Jesus Christ reigns now.

We needed Him to keep His promise to send the Holy Spirit to the church to instruct us in all that we could not understand until the Holy Spirit had it written down.

We needed Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Resurrection Day, Ascension Thursday, and Pentecost. It is a package and we need all of it. Our great God, the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, is rich in mercy for sinners and has provided the solution for our sin since we could not.

Blessed Resurrection Day to all.

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  1. I started to read and I couldn’t stop. It’s a powerful, inspiring, kind and beautiful post!
    Thank you!!!

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