We Need A New ‘ISM’

Socialists-ComingWe really need a new “ism” for what we have today. It is communism, it is fascism, it is socialism, it is authoritarianism, it is totalitarianism, it is Alinskyism, it is anarchistic. We could go on and come up with more terms, but we need something that fits it all.

The government has created class warfare, has created population control through eugenics, it has created a way to control our actions and population through medical terrorism, and it only approves of religion that denies Christ and His Scripture.

The ruling class has turned words and their meaning into gibberish. Words have the opposite meaning today, some are forbidden because they hurt people’s feeling. (I saw a great sign that said “1984 was not an instruction manual.” They really had it right.)

Sex is now determined by how you feel, not by biology. And since Christianity is frowned upon they try to force us to agree and even celebrate practices that are against Christ. Most people are afraid to tell the truth on these issues since we could lose friends, be sued, kicked out of churches and other organizations, or lose our jobs.

We need a new word. Unless someone comes up with a better word, I’m going with”‘commiefascism” and call the practitioners “commiefascists.”

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