Letting Terrorists Reign

Animal Farm
Animal Farm

Now California is going to change the names of numerous schools. Even Lincoln has to go. Why you ask?
Because Lincoln was not a true abolitionist. Really, you didn’t know that?

Who is directing this “thinking?”
Terrorists. Right, terrorists. Black Lives Matter and Antifa and those that support them.

Let’s “think” for a minute (thinking can be fun).
Much of last year, multitudes of Black businesses were burned down. Blacks were killed by Blacks, Blacks from Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Apparently those Blacks that were harmed or killed didn’t matter very much. We’ve all seen the videos of young Black people punching and knocking to the ground old people and others many of whom are Black. For some reason they did not matter.
And let’s not forget places like Chicago that has 100s of Blacks killed by Blacks regularly. They don’t matter much either.
Now let’s get to abortion. Those Black babies really don’t matter to these abolitionist minded terrorist groups. They just get in their way. Apparently all Black lives do not matter. Black Lives Matter and Antifa are just communist terrorists nothing more, nothing less.

But I am amazed at how many people give them the respect that decent people should receive. They’re nowhere near decent. They’re violent.

We were even told that this terrorism was all about Donald J. Trump. But then why did it start long before Trump came and why is it still going on? Because it never had anything to do with Pres. Trump, but it did have a lot to do with Pres. Obama and the Never-Will-Be-Pres. Hillary Clinton and their handlers, foreign and domestic.

Notice how even conservatives keep saying “There is never a place for violence.” Did you notice that? Even if a perfect stranger slugs an old lady or burns down homes and businesses? The most they tell us we can do is talk to them. Do these terrorists look like they want to talk? Hmmm…they should study history a bit more.

What our communist masters have done with this line of instruction to us, is make it so we can NEVER correct, fight, demolish this century long communist infiltration. It would be violent and that would make us bad people. But they can do and encourage violence all they want. They just rename it, you know, peaceful protesting.

OVERUSEDI don’t know about you or the love you may have for your children, but you better rethink what your passing on to them. Or at the very least have them bone up on Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘1984’. We lived in and enjoyed a free Republic and now we’re passing on a dystopian police state to our children. What’s love got to do with it, right? There’s nothing we can do about terrorists attacking us and taking over our institutions. At least we got ours, right?

You may want to cower before terrorists but I’m not going down quietly.

Make sure you check out my book OVERUSED.
I cover a lot of this delusional stuff in it.

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