Stop Discrimination Against The Majestic Order Of Anura (that would be frogs)

Now for some comic relief in our march to see what’s on the bottom:

Frogs-RuleFrogs should be accepted JUST AS THEY ARE!!!

Why must they change?
The demand that every frog turn into a HANDSOME PRINCE is simply unreasonable as well as unfair.


Discrimination is wrong! Everyone is accepted just as they are and frogs should be too. Frogs have value just as frogs! They’re green! Green is good. Money is green. Do you have problem with money? Hmmm…? No you don’t!

Besides, those Handsome Princes are overrated as well as undersupplied. Have you EVER met one? NO you haven’t! Every now and then you see one on TV. Are they really all that handsome? NO they’re not! And then they demand we bow before them. WHAT THE HECK FOR? And then they demand we pay for them! WHAT THE HECK DO THEY DO? They have one job: to be handsome. And quite frankly some of them are NOT TOO GOOD AT THAT AT ALL!

So why should they be paid? They shouldn’t be!
No! No people! They are not to be desired. Frogs are. When have you ever seen a frog demand a Handsome Prince turn into something else? NEVER! See!
Frogs are better than Handsome Princes!

One day frogs will rule the world!
And then they will eat all the so-called handsome princes in the Kingdom of Anura!
It would be wise, before it’s too late, to be nice to them NOW!
Stop all this nasty discrimination, and accept them as they are, and maybe they won’t eat you.
But they will eat all of the princes they can find.
The scales will be balanced one day. You’ll see.

Be nice to frogs TODAY!

That was an excerpt from my wildly popular (just kidding) book,
Look Into My Good Eye

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