Election 2016 vs Election 2020

Hillary Snake CaricatureI have a theory, you may not agree, that’s okay, we still have free speech, at least until Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 12:00 pm.

Premise #1:
Now that we know about the cheating done with voting machines and that it’s been done to an extent for years, and that the only thing Hillary Clinton does well is cheat and lie, we know they were cheating in 2016. They believed the polls and had the algorithm on the voting machines set just enough to ensure they win. But Trump outperformed the polls. This is why Hillary Clinton and her people were livid. They had it set, she fully expected to win. The fix was in, so they thought.

This is why on Election night the national shows would not call it for Trump in Pennsylvania, they were looking for more votes for Hillary, surely they could fake them, it is what they do best, and we don’t want to incur her wrath. They may not have known how to change the algorithm quick enough (but they do now). I only heard Trump won from the local stations but the national stations delayed calling it as long as they could. The Democrats cheated but not enough, they had underestimated Trump and his appeal. Trump won not just the electoral votes but the popular votes as well.

Hillary Clinton and others have used this as a way to convince us to get rid of the electoral college. They claim repeatedly that Trump did not win the popular vote and so it’s not fair that he’s president. Remember the phrase “the lady doth protest too much”? That should have been a give away at the time. (Of course we could quibble about the word ‘lady’.)

Nancy Pelosi had repeatedly said their election was stolen. Maxine Waters immediately started shrieking “Impeach 45! Impeach 45!” (She must be really happy since they did twice.) The Democrats objected in 2016 went they certified the vote. (Isn’t it strange that objecting is now equal to insurrection when it’s done by the Republicans. However, if Trump starts a new party and he’s the candidate one of their slogans could be “This waste deep swamp impeached me twice. How good is that? Nothing like a Trump impeachment anywhere else!”)

2016 Election started four years of hell, fake hell, but hell. One hoax after another. And we paid for it all (and now we’ll pay more).

Once again, despite how bad 2020 was Trump blew out the algorithm.
Why don’t the Republicans and Democrats want an investigation into this? It’s very smelly. They investigate everything Trump, even “perfect phone calls.” But not this fraudulent election.
Why not?

Premise #2:
They’re all paid off by some company or country, probably China. Monsanto owns Obama and Biden, if you don’t believe me look at the people they’ve both hired, right here, it’s an amazing list. And McConnell’s Chinese father-in-law owns a shipping company with ships under commission from shipyards in China and Japan and gave his McConnell’s wife big money. They took a bit of a hit from our trade war with China. So he’s not happy.

Even the Republicans that love to sound as if they’re Constitutionalists didn’t fight this fraud until the last day when they would have 2 hours to convince the House and Senate. It was sure to fail. They’re all sellouts and they lied to us. Is there anyone we can believe in there? Trump proved the swamp is way deeper that we could have imagined.

There will be no investigation into fraud because they’re happy with the result. Our esteemed representatives and senators just want to get back to business as usual: screwing the American people, and we do get to pay for it. But at least there is something they’re good at.

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