It Is Who We Are

Protest-Man“That’s not who we are.”
“That’s not our values.”
“Violence is never acceptable.”
I beg to differ.
It is who we are.
We are not good, and most Christians know this to be true, which is why we needed a Savior. We didn’t need a Savior because we’re good, what would be the point of that? We really do think too well of ourselves. But we must define violence. In what context is it used? It’s not just one big goo.

We had the American Revolution. I read that it was quite violent. We had the Civil War. A hell of a lot of our citizens were slaughtered violently in that war. We are not good people. While we try to curtail the violence in our lives it’s always there because we’re sinners, so there are violent wars.

Some people are more violent as a regular practice. Various terrorist groups from the KKK to Obama’s friends from the Weather Underground to Black Lives Matter to Antifa to anarchists purposely practice violence for violence sake. We’ve seen BLM and Antifa attacks all spring and summer of 2020 on the little people, not politicians. Our Vice President Elect Kamala Harris approved of them and said they should continue. That’s just evil. Most politicians never condemned those attacks on citizens. All of this violence is being used to destroy this Republic.

Our politicians, especially those of the communist and/or globalist persuasion, practice verbal violence like most of us breathe, they verbally assault us regularly and they incite and direct the groups mentioned above.
They also support killing, burning, looting as long as their side does it. And they lie. It’s all for a specific cause, to end the Republic.

News sources now tell us that the FBI knew weeks in advance that agitators were coming to the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Did they tell anyone? Did they prepare? Apparently not. Why not? Was this neglect purposeful?

Now we learn John Sullivan a BLM agitator, that also did a commercial for UBER and called for violent coup against Pres. Trump, went through the Capitol saying “we got to burn it down.” Many anarchists and BLM were there and CNN was embedded with them (where have we heard that before). There was a great mix of groups in this melee. And remember this all started before Pres. Trump began speaking. So how is it his fault?Another hoax.

Since 1917 this is how communists take over. These are their tactics. Besides being embedded in the government, schools, Hollywood, they attack with great violence repeatedly as they did all summer oppressing the people. Many of the violent in the Capitol were organized, planned, well thought out, and communicated with each other and infiltrated Trump supporters. This was how it was done at Kent State in 1970. There was unrest already over the war. Agitators came from Illinois, infiltrated the students, linked arms and pushed the students towards the soldiers and then one of the agitators fired at the soldiers, then the soldiers fired at the students and killed four. This is how it’s done in every country when the communists attempt to take over. They create massive unrest so people call for more government. They’re in all levels of our government now, oppressing the people economically, culturally, medically and politically. I wouldn’t be surprised if our politicians used the Capitol melee as a false flag. It did distract from the objections to the fraudulent election. This way the public would never hear the truth. It was a setup to continue the “Big Lie” about a “fair” election. When they came back in session they caved.

I would like to ask the real Trump supporters, not nefarious opportunists but the real supporters that went into the Capitol with them; WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING??? Did you think Pres. Trump would thank you? You played right to the hands of the enemies of the Republic. Really stupid.

The greatest enemy we have today are the politicians that have become our overlords. We’re in the midst of a communist takeover, and they keep telling us we have no right to object to them, we have no right to the truth. The only question for any American is; how long will the governed allow it? These politicians are not good, they do not know better than us, they do not know what’s good for us, they demean us regularly, they sell us out to other countries, they treat us like their property rather than their bosses, and tax us exorbitantly for this great honor.
How long will the governed allow it to continue? How long will we give our consent to be mistreated? What is the Republic worth? Should we listen to our Founders or todays cowardly politicians? Is this still a Republic? Everyone must think this through.

But there is no one good, no not one. If this is our starting point, no one should be surprised at anything that follows.

We’re certainly not Americans any longer so we might as well learn Chinese, we’ll need it.

A very good collection of very old footage on communism and how it spread into all the countries it went to, including the USA, is called:
Hidden Agenda – Real Conspiracies that Affect Our Lives Today
You can watch it here on Prime.

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