Less Photographs More Writing

I may be writing more rather than posting photographs at times. This is due to a wonderful series of accidents I’ve had this past year; and you thought Covid was bad (I still don’t think it exists). But the posts will be opinionated, I’m very opinionated, so feel free to disregard them if you wish. I believe in free speech and will defend to the death your right to speak even if I disagree. Generally if I don’t like what someone says or writes I just go away, I would never try to shut you down, I’m a grown up.

Also, I’ve read, that WordPress is getting into the censorship game to cancel Conservatives. I hope that’s not true, or that they change their minds. So if I’m kicked off I wish you all well.

6 thoughts on “Less Photographs More Writing

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  1. That’s very considerate of you for warning your followers that your opinions are to follow. Opinions I can deal with, but so many people like to write in the form of lecturing like they know what they hell they are talking about, when they are really quite clueless. I look forward to your opinions, and it’s comforting to know that I can disagree with them if I don’t agree.

      1. A little Koyaanisqatsi? Photos from a non-upright point of view can produce interesting results.

    1. I hope not. But I would like to get back to photographs more if I would just stop having accidents. There’s too many parts of body that have more opinions than I do right now.

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