The Orwellian Cleanse Now – Will Gulags And Refreshing Showers Be Next?

Communist-PigHow fast will it go is the only question I have now. 
Honest elections will no longer be held.

The thing about Donald J. Trump that is most important, is that he exposed the one party rule in Washington DC. This party has all of us little people fighting with each other thinking one side is conservative the other side is socialist or close to it. But that’s just a facade.
There are our rulers and then there’s the rest of us.

Now some questions:

Did our rulers halt or even complain about the terrorists running wild, burning businesses, homes, killing people, destroying statutes and churches during the spring and summer? Nope. Our Vice President Elect Kamala Harris said they were good and should continue. And so they did for many months.

My governor, Mr. Wolf, participated in a terroristic march in Philadelphia. Lots of Philadelphia was destroyed along with the rest of the country during the summer. When the so-called virus hit he purposely killed thousands of old people and decimated thousands of businesses. But Mr. Wolf used the Covid Virus as ruse to extend mail-in ballots to hundreds of thousands of people THAT DON’T EXIST!!! We had more votes than people to vote in Pennsylvania. But he ensured the United States Congress that it was honest and fair. And they said “fine with us.” Why?
There is just one party rule and Donald J. Trump is NOT a part of it.

Antifa was paid and bused into Washington DC Capital on January 6, 2021. There were ads with instructions sent to them to dress and camouflage as Trump supporters as they’ve done in the past. Many did. The Congress was told a couple of days before that they were coming to disrupt the protest rally. The Capital police were told to not hold the line when they attack the Capital but to let them in. The police shot and killed an unarmed protester and the mob caused others to be injured and ultimately die. We’ve seen numerous videos of the cops bringing the mob in. But now Trump and his supporters are blamed.

The cops were told not to stop the summer terrorist attacks by Black Lives Matter and Antifa. They let them destroy our cities, culture and history. No problem because we’re the little people. Now they’re attacking the Capitol and Trump and his supporters are blamed.

We saw many of the same characters that were in the terrorist attacks last summer at the Capital also. We see the Communist hammer and sickle symbol on their hands, we see the Antifa label on their helmets, (Trump supporters don’t wear helmets, but maybe they should). But it’sTrump’s fault???

A century ago the Democrat Party’s militaristic arm, the KKK, attacked and lynched Black people. Now the Democrats have Antifa and Black Lives Matter working for them. Their tactics have evolved. No hoods and sheets, now it’s black clothes, camouflage and helmets, they’re equipped with molotov cocktails, guns, bats, bombs, etc. But it’sTrump’s fault???

Black Lives Matter did not exist before Barack Obama was president. He brought out massive hatred and blew up racism again. Maybe people forgot.Bolshevik-Congress

What Trump did was something we all suspected but were not quite convinced of yet. Trump exposed that the Republican Party is a wing of the Democrat Party. And it’s worse than that; they’re both controlled by intelligence agencies that have their hand in every country. It’s no wonder these countries hate us. They plotted against Trump from before his inauguration and for the last four years, it’s been one hoax after another. But Trump exposed it all. He kicked over a really big hornet’s nest and they’re not happy. So he must be removed at all costs. Chuck Schummer said when Trump was elected “the intelligence agencies have six ways to Sunday to get back at you.” We now know that to be true.

Donald J. Trump won in a landslide but it was stolen from him and us. Didn’t we all wonder why Joe Biden didn’t campaign? He didn’t have to and he told us so. He said he had in place the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” We all thought, since he’s mentally not home, he must have misspoke. But that was probably the most true thing Biden ever said (he has a very low level of veracity). We Americans should not take this theft laying down. The Republic is over if we do. There will never be a fair election if this massive theft is not corrected in every state.

Now the crazy lady (lady is questionable) Nancy Pelosi is going to waste our money trying to impeach Trump AGAIN. Then they’ll raise our taxes.
All social media platforms have kicked the President of the United States off of them. But they do like the killing machine known as  Ayatollah of Iran and the mass murderers of the Chinese Communist Party. They’re still able to propagandize us freely on any site. These evil people breathe death, but you better watch what you say on these platforms or your account will be closed. Our American Communists/Progressives/Fascists/Alinskyites can NOT stand disagreement. So we must be punished and purified.

Now we know there is one party and WE are not part of it. You will submit comrade or it’s off to the gulags or showers for you.

So suck it up, pray for your children, reread Animal Farm and 1984, and get ready for our dystopia. It’s here.


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