Twitter Protects Anarchists But Censors Americans

Well, I got kicked off Twitter again. We have anarchists, Antifa and other groups, ransacking and burning our cities, shooting our neighbors, and robbing their stores blind. We have already been decimated by the phony health panic created by doctors that make a bundle off of drugs and vaccines. Now our governors fiddle while our cities burn. But If I advocate self defense and shooting those that come to kill us, I’m kicked off of Twitter. These violent people are protected. One communist just this morning said he’s coming for me and the rest of the country. That’s okay with @Jack . These anarchists and their handlers only want the country destroyed. Make no mistake this is planned. Not one of these criminals cares at all about George Floyd. This is typical Democrat tactics. They just use people as their props, they don’t care at all who lives or dies. 

We were told do our part and stay home. If we tried to open our businesses we’d receive a citation or worse. But the socialist governors and mayors will not protect us against these criminals. They just let them roam and do whatever they want. They must believe they have the right to destroy us.

@Jack and other platforms are doing their bit to destroy this Republic and our rights.

This has nothing to do with racism or George Floyd. It’s pure violence for violence sake.

Now we have police officers kneeling before these rioters. I would immediately fire any cop that knelt before people that harm our neighbors. 

It always amazes me to hear who is a socialist/communist/fascist/Alinskyite. They’re almost always are very well-off capitalists. They love to play the socialist as long as they have a boatload of money to live off of. They’re all #FakeSocialists but they have the power to move the little boys, that spend too much time in mama’s basement, around like checker board pieces and they stupidly comply. This is the result of a school system that has propagandized these people into believing they’ve been put upon. They haven’t been. So should we let them kill and destroy us? Have we lost our minds as well as our courage?

The 2nd Amendment is a right that we best preserve. The government will not protect us. We must do it ourselves, or there will be no more Great American Experiment. The past wars will have been fought for nothing.

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