Saint Patrick’s Day Parade In Jim Thorpe

Saint-Patricks-Day-1We saw lot’s of fun people at the Jim Thorpe St. Patrick’s celebration. The folks were much more interesting that the actual parade. Most of them wanted people to take their pictures, so we did. We had a great time.Saint-Patricks-Day-2 Saint-Patricks-Day-3 Saint-Patricks-Day-4 Saint-Patricks-Day-5 Saint-Patricks-Day-6 Saint-Patricks-Day-7 Saint-Patricks-Day-8 Saint-Patricks-Day-9 Saint-Patricks-Day-10 Saint-Patricks-Day-11

6 thoughts on “Saint Patrick’s Day Parade In Jim Thorpe

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  1. Happy people who are having fun celebrating Saint Patric’s Day.
    Even a dog joined the crowd. Great moments and wonderful photographs!

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