Dirty Huge Ice Chunks Of The Susquehanna

Susquehanna-Ice-Chunks-1The Susquehanna River was wild this winter. The frozen ice broke up and attacked. The ice literally towers over everyone, it was tremendously high. It pushed up over the banks, crossed the street, and almost up to the houses on the other side. This side is really Kingston looking towards Wilkes Barre. On the Wilkes Barre side no one could get down close enough because it was blocked off.
The first photograph with the man inside the chunks shows how high it is. The last shows the ice across the street in the yards. Right now it’s already melting and receding believe it or not. The only saving grace for the houses was that they were on a bit of an incline. You could look down the whole street and see the line of ice where it stopped just before the steps and porches of the homes. I just wish it was clean. But ice pushing up through the mud on the banks could never do it and stay clean. I’ve never seen anything like this (and I’m pretty old). There were people coming from all over to take pictures.Susquehanna-Ice-Chunks-2 Susquehanna-Ice-Chunks-3 Susquehanna-Ice-Chunks-4 Susquehanna-Ice-Chunks-5 Susquehanna-Ice-Chunks-6 Susquehanna-Ice-Chunks-7 Susquehanna-Ice-Chunks-8 Susquehanna-Ice-Chunks-9 Susquehanna-Ice-Chunks-10

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