Looking For Hornbecks Creek Waterfalls

Hornbecks-Waterfalls-1Well, we followed the instructions to find the three waterfalls along Hornbecks Creek. I’ll take the word of others that they exist, but we didn’t see three.
From the pictures we saw the last one was supposed to be quite beautiful. Whether they would be beautiful now or not is questionable since it was pretty dry, we really needed rain at this point.
The first time we attempted to find them we started at the wrong end of the trail and never got to a falls since it was much further than I could walk.
Next time we came we made it to the right end of the creek and proceeded in. We came to the middle falls and it wasn’t too exciting. Going further we had to walk along an extremely steep hill. This was crazy. My back is bad enough and I was in no mood for tumbling down into the creek. The fall would be bad enough but I certainly would not make it back up.
So we will have to continue to take the word of others that the waterfalls exist, but will never live to see them.Hornbecks-Waterfalls-2 Hornbecks-Waterfalls-3 Hornbecks-Waterfalls-4 Hornbecks-Waterfalls-5 Hornbecks-Waterfalls-6

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