Macungie Wheels of Time Car Show

Macungie-Car-Show-1Fabulous cars as usual. Henry Winkler was there this year as well as a terrific roaming band called The Allentown Hobo Almost Marching Band. And of course the cars. They were beautiful, and the owners work so hard on them. I don’t see any young people getting involved with this craft of restoring old cars. Maybe it’s too much work. Greg and I remarked that it won’t be long before this sort of thing goes away completely. Macungie-Car-Show-2 Macungie-Car-Show-3 Macungie-Car-Show-4 Macungie-Car-Show-5 Macungie-Car-Show-6 Macungie-Car-Show-7 Macungie-Car-Show-8 Macungie-Car-Show-9 Macungie-Car-Show-10

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