Steam Train Came Back

Steam-Train-1Labor Day Weekend the Steam Train came back to Jim Thorpe. It’s always a thrill to see it. I spoke to the conductor again and told him I got great shots of him last time. He joked and said he probably broke my camera. He really has a great smile.
Of course some loon had to ruin the day. Notice how open the tracks are. See the car crossing the tracks behind the train in the first picture? Open right? Well someone drove over the tracks as the train was coming. He literally ran into the train. Besides being blind he’d have to be deaf too. When the train moves through this section it’s blowing it whistle/horn as loud as could be. You hear it all the way uptown. But no. This guy didn’t hear it or see it. Some people are so dangerous you wonder “how in the world they lived long enough to become an adult?”Steam-Train-2 Steam-Train-3 Steam-Train-4 Steam-Train-5 Steam-Train-6 Steam-Train-7

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