Rushing Waters of Nay Aug

Nay-Aug-Water-1This week I’ll bet people would like to see a little less water. Texas and Florida certainly got whacked by Harvey and Irma. I pray they’re all able to get back on their feet soon.
But here the flowing water looks great rushing through Nay Aug Gorge in Scranton. This is a beautiful scene with a cool tree house to overlook it all.
Of course you just have to find graffiti everywhere these days. They’ve even tried to ruin these gorgeous rocks. They just can’t help themselves. There are signs everywhere to stay out of the gorge but nooo…not in this anarchistic age, people do what they want and no one can stop them.Nay-Aug-Water-2 Nay-Aug-Water-3 Nay-Aug-Water-4 Nay-Aug-Water-5 Nay-Aug-Water-6 Nay-Aug-Water-7 Nay-Aug-Water-8 Nay-Aug-Water-9 Nay-Aug-Water-10

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