Heritage Day In Easton

Heritage-Day-1We went to another terrific Heritage Day in Easton. They had a great crowd that Sunday. It starts with a parade up to the town square. And then one of the “revolutionaries” read the grievances, the Declaration of Independence, against King George III. It’s a nasty read. Our dear little snowflakes of today would probably have a heart attack if they read it and say those “men” were mean and proceed to attack their characters. Of course, no one would harm them for saying anything, even vile accusations, because of those men and women. Ironic.
There was a guy passing out copies of The Declaration for all to read along with the speaker. Great shouts went up repeatedly at each charge.
It was really cool.Heritage-Day-2 Heritage-Day-3 Heritage-Day-4 Heritage-Day-5 Heritage-Day-6 Heritage-Day-7 Heritage-Day-8 Heritage-Day-9 Heritage-Day-10

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