Baby Birds

Baby-Birds-1These cute little guys were not in my tree very long at all. Just a few short days and they were kicked out of the home. (Hmmm…maybe some parents today will find that concept appealing.) In any case, their parents made the nest right outside my front door. What did they expect me to do? I tried to be as quick and quite as I could, but you should have heard the racket one of their parents made. It was not amused and wanted me out of there. I said I live here and I’m not going anywhere. I’ve been bullied by a lot of people, but a bird? You have to draw the line somewhere. If they wanted to be left alone they had plenty of other trees to pick from. But no, it was literally outside my door. So I seized the day and took a few shots. And then I came back the next day and did it again. It’s time to say “No To Bullies!” If I want to take pictures in my yard of birds in my trees, I will.
And then in just a couple of days they were gone.

One time many years ago a robin came to the deck in front of the living room window and proceeded to fly into the window, smashing it’s beak into the window, for about 8 hours. Then it came back the next day and did it again. And the next. Apparently it didn’t hurt. It sounded like an Alfred Hitchcock movie inside the house. I thought I was under attack. Then next year and the year after, a robin did it again (I don’t know if it was the same one).
I think it thought it was protecting a nest probably in the same tree. The window was all marked, as well as the deck. I don’t know what they eat but it was like cement all over the deck. It’s amazing it didn’t hurt it’s beak.Baby-Birds-2 Baby-Birds-3 Baby-Birds-4 Baby-Birds-5 Baby-Birds-6

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  1. That is a life time opportunity to take these fantastic pictures! For some reason the parents thought that it’s the safest place in the world outside your door. Why? You will never know. They are so tiny, soon they will be taught how to fly.
    Breathtaking pictures and a great story!!!

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