Fort Mifflin In Philadelphia

Fort-Mifflin-1These photographs are from the Renaissance Faire in Philadelphia.
It was held at Fort Mifflin. It’s located on the river and right next to the airport. The airplanes coming in are immediately over us, as in we almost got hit. Well not really, but they were really close. This plane came in just as we were leaving and I caught it. That was fun. Never did that before. And there was a nice big ship, the McFarland, as well. Now if is there was only a train going through we’d have a nice trifecta. But I do love old stone buildings and structures.Fort-Mifflin-2 Fort-Mifflin-3 Fort-Mifflin-4 Fort-Mifflin-5 Fort-Mifflin-6 Fort-Mifflin-7 Fort-Mifflin-8

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