Kempton Civil War

Kempton-Civil-War-1Kempton Train Station had a Civil War Reenactment a few weeks ago, except there really wasn’t a reenactment. There was just a few folks in costume and there was a band. But it’s such a cool train station and General Grant was there. So it was a nice day all in all.Kempton-Civil-War-2 Kempton-Civil-War-3 Kempton-Civil-War-4 Kempton-Civil-War-5 Kempton-Civil-War-6 Kempton-Civil-War-7 Kempton-Civil-War-8 Kempton-Civil-War-9 Kempton-Civil-War-10

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  1. I missed this post… And I am always waiting for your new adventures. Do you know that you are taking excellent portraits? And they are all different. Always different. These are also great portraits.
    I especially liked a man who was riding the horses and a woman. She has a beautiful face and very poise.

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