Jim Thorpe Train

Jim-Thorpe-Train-1Jim Thorpe is a tourist town for sure. To live there you’ve got to love it. You’ve got to love tons of traffic, you’ve got to love not being able to leave town for anything, and if you managed to get out don’t count on getting home before nightfall. And you have to love trains. When the trains are running the tourists flood in. It’s really best in the Fall when all of trees are brilliant with color. But right now is nice too.
We got there just in time to see the train arrive and the engineer get out to switch tracks. He came over to talk to us. He and his brother (pictured) have been doing this for 21 years. He was real friendly and informative.
As they were getting ready for the next trip we went up quickly around the bend to catch him leaving town (top photograph). I didn’t want any parked cars to ruin the shot. He saw us as I kept shooting and gave a great wave to us.Jim-Thorpe-Train-2 Jim-Thorpe-Train-3 Jim-Thorpe-Train-4 Jim-Thorpe-Train-5 Jim-Thorpe-Train-6 Jim-Thorpe-Train-7 Jim-Thorpe-Train-8 Jim-Thorpe-Train-9

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  1. Not sure I would love tons of traffic but I would definitely would love trains. You took spectacular pictures of train/trains. And you met an interesting guy. That is something to work as engineer for 21 years keeping the tracks safe. I like his friendly smile and how he looks at us. Very openly and proudly…

  2. Great photos. Looks like a lot of fun. We have the Durango to Silverton railroad in SW Colorado, and the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad that starts in Chama and zig zags along New Mexico/Colorado border and stops in Antonito, Colorado. Both use steam locomotives. It’s been years since I’ve ridden on either train, but I’ve raced the Durango to Silverton train on a bicycle many times over the years, and I beat the train every time.

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