Bridges of Easton

Easton-Bridges-1There’s a lot of them.
Easton is located at the junction of the Lehigh River and the Delaware River. It’s an old city but it has lot’s of history and historic places in it.
And lot’s of bridges.Easton-Bridges-2 Easton-Bridges-9 Easton-Bridges-7 Easton-Bridges-6 Easton-Bridges-5 Easton-Bridges-4 Easton-Bridges-3Easton-Bridges-8aEaston-Bridges-10Easton-Bridges-11

4 thoughts on “Bridges of Easton

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  1. I have never been in Easton. It’s so green and interesting. I noticed on one of pictures the sign New York, probably Easton is not far away from New York. Bridges are old and very impressive!

    1. Hi Kaya. Easton is right across the river from NJ and then you have to travel across NJ to NY. Not real close, it’s quite a ride and many do it every day for work. I could not, way too much driving.

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