We Love Funny Animals

Penguin-LoveAnimals don’t have to do much to make us laugh. Here we see some that in many ways seem very similar to our society these days.
First we have penguins in love and want everyone to know it. Yeah, yeah, cute.
And then there are penguins that seem to have a male/female problem. Marriage counseling may help.
Some of them do seem to think they look pretty hot. And just like the emu some of them can smell birthday cake a mile away (well, yeah, who can’t?).
And we all know that geese and ducks are socialists to the core. They’re even anarchistic just like our poorly educated students today. If they see you with bread or cake they’ll literally attack you for it. Everyone wants something that someone else has and they want it for nothing. Times have certainly changed.
Some ducks are just as concerned as the rest of us as to how big their butts are. Well if they keep eating all those carbohydrates that they steal from unsuspecting passers-by, those big butts will get even bigger. This is why ducks are so fatty when cooking. It’s called cake, bread, muffins. Put these socialists on a leaner diet and make them get a job and they’d get that butt problem under control post-haste.
See, our funny animals are not that different from us.Penguin-SexistsPenguins-Looking-AheadEmu-BirthdayPenguins-Looking-GoodSocialist-GooseFat-Ducks

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