The Luzerne County Court House

Luzerne-County-Court-House-1So, I asked myself, “Barbara”, I said, “there’s nothing in the middle of the seal. Where did it go?” “Hmmm…” I said to myself, “maybe it’s being repaired.”
So after I worked on my photographs, I went online to see other photos and find out what is supposed to be in the middle of the seal. And what did I find? Nothing. They actually made a seal of nothing. Why would anyone put a wreath around an empty circle?
It’s a cool building, unless of course you’re a criminal, then you would probably have some nasty things to say about it. But it’s an impressive building so I would think the crowning decoration should actually be something. But it’s nothing. Like a Seinfeld show. An ornament about nothing.
Maybe it’s fitting for the age. Nothing meanings something to some people.Luzerne-County-Court-House-2Luzerne-County-Court-House-3Luzerne-County-Court-House-4Luzerne-County-Court-House-5Luzerne-County-Court-House-6Luzerne-County-Court-House-7Luzerne-County-Court-House-8Luzerne-County-Court-House-9Luzerne-County-Court-House-10

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