We Finally Got Big Snow

Winter-BridgeYes we did, but we were so snowed in, we could not get out. We had such awful circumstances this time around. In my little community, we were down one maintenance guy because he broke a femur. Then our second guy does’t show up for hours for this huge snowfall, and when he does he’s drunk. So he was fired right then. Now there was one guy left to plow out the whole community out of about two feet of snow. It did not start well, but he finally got some help. Then apparently, our equipment is failing as well. It’s freezing, really it is, and the snow turned to ice. So we have boulders of ice to repeatedly move out of the intersections so they don’t wreck our cars. Our backs are shot. I go to see my Chiropractor tomorrow. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.Fresh-SnowCold-Winter-2Cold-Winter-1Winter-LakeDeep-Snow

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