Historic St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

st-marks-episcopal-church-1aWe went to what we thought was an Ice Sculptor and Wood Carving Show in Jim Thorpe last weekend. But there was no ice anywhere and there was one guy carving bears and eagles. Believe it or not it was a mob scene. The place was packed. It seemed more like a ruse to get people in to shop and eat, which they did. But no ice. We walked around taking pictures and on the way back to the car we went past St. Mark’s. Amazingly it was open and the caretaker gave us a tour. It’s a fabulous building from the 1860s. Gorgeous inside but quite dark. The carving above the altar was incredible. Jim Thorpe has a lot of churches, but this is one of the most beautiful. As one of the windows say, it was made “to the glory of God.” It was well worth the trip despite the fact that they lied to us about the ice sculptures.st-marks-episcopal-church-2 st-marks-episcopal-church-3 st-marks-episcopal-church-4 st-marks-episcopal-church-5 st-marks-episcopal-church-6 st-marks-episcopal-church-7

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