Make A Wish

wish-boneWe finally got some snow…some…snow. Not a lot, but we’ll take it. It seems to keep splitting this year when it gets to us. The north gets it, the south gets it, and it splits over us. The little we got was mixed with rain and it froze. Last night we were bombarded with ice falling from the trees. The wind was blowing so hard I thought the ice would surely break a window. But so far we’ve survived intact. It was too hard to walk on the ice chunks that were all over the place this morning and we were nearly blown off our feet at the same time, preventing us from getting out. Maybe later. Hopefully the ice glistening in the trees will last.
But doesn’t the first tree look like a wishbone? I think it does. And we had to watch our step with the seconded photograph, since we could tell where the lake began, and we didn’t want to find out the hard snow-lake-2

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