Days Gone By

old-coal-minerRe-enactments of times past. Some from Eckley Mining Village, others are from Heritage Day in Easton.  Living was much harder then, they made a lot of stuff. Today it’s easier, we push a lot of buttons, make friends with people that may not exist, and everybody loves each other. If we have different opinions everyone says, “Well isn’t that interesting. Tell me about it, how did you come to that conclusion?”
No, just kidding, I’m not that delusional. I fully understand that if someone’s opinion is not to the culture’s liking they’ll be condemned and run out of town. And that’s called Freedom of Speech, or new Math, or something else that makes no sense.
Oh well.old-fashioned-boys old-fashioned-girl old-fashioned-woman-1 old-fashioned-woman-2 old-fashioned-woman-3 old-fashioned-woman-4 old-fashioned-woman-5 shoe-maker

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    1. Thanks, I love reenactments too. As far as talking to people who aren’t there…I must plead guilty at times. Especially when I’m mad at them. Good grief what I say. LOL.

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