Bacon Festival in Easton

bacon-festival-1We went to a Bacon Festival in Easton recently. Yes these folks will celebrate anything. But bacon is really good, so why not.
They had “bacon everything”.
They even had Bacon Floss and Toothpicks. I’m not real sure, but I think that just might defeat the purpose of flossing your teeth. But what do I know? They powers that be never seem to consult me. I have a lot too say so they really should reconsider that from time to time.
And then, what could be better than hot dogs wrapped in bacon? They had them. That’s called a double hit of love.
And then there’s Bacon Coffee. Really? I never had it but the people were lined up for it, so it must be good.
They brought in a lot of people to the festival and a good time was had by all.bacon-festival-2 bacon-festival-3 bacon-festival-4 bacon-festival-5 bacon-festival-6 bacon-festival-7 bacon-festival-8 bacon-festival-9

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