Reservoir Cliffs And Creatures In Black And White

reservoir-rocks-and-prairie-dogOkay…so maybe the creatures weren’t really at the reservoir, but you can’t prove it. There are a lot of stranger things in this world. I’ve decided they should be there. They look good in black and white. Just imagine being attacked by a giant prairie dog. Awful! I was attacked by a giant rabbit a really long time ago, in the night. My father said he couldn’t find it. That’s because he was way too old and probably going blind. It was huge anyone looking for it couldn’t miss it. He didn’t try hard enough that’s all. But there was just too much laughing the next morning, it really bothered me.
Anyway, there probably are races of other really big animals all over the place. Everyone knows about Bigfoot. I live in the woods and I know there are things out there.
The moral is: we should always watch out, look around, and stay in shape.
You never know when you have to run like hell. tree-stump-black-whiterock-rodents

reservoir-cliff reservoir-rocks

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