Garlic Festival in Easton

garlic-festival-1We recently went to a Garlic Festival in Easton, Pennsylvania.
Garlic is not only good for you, but it makes people very happy. Just look at this vendor. He’s happy. And so is the next guy, uh, I mean dog. Looks like Scooby Doo, but he’s definitely happy. As a matter of fact all of the dogs look very happy, very happy.
The Boys in Blue were pretty happy too and nice enough to move closer together for a photo. They look great. The vendors were all happy, making money tends to do that.
Even the modern art was up and dancing. Happy, happy!
Garlic is very, very good for us.
It makes us happy.garlic-festival-2 garlic-festival-3 garlic-festival-4 garlic-festival-5 garlic-festival-6 garlic-festival-7 garlic-festival-8 garlic-festival-9 garlic-festival-10

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