The Mystery Of Glen Oko Falls

glen-oko-1Look at these huge rocks.
Within these huge rock mountains there are ominous caves. Clearly they’re not natural. But how could anyone make them? It certainly wasn’t anyone like this unsuspecting guy in his kayak down below, he’s a pip-squeak in comparison to these huge mountains. “Look up!” I screamed to him. But he couldn’t hear me.
I hope he made it home alive that night.
People say you can hear “them” at night. They all come out of their den at night to do all their scribbling, defacing this once beautiful gorge. But they may not be quite as evil as some might think. Look, they even put a warning on the wall “DOOM”. That’s really very considerate of them. What more could we ask of creatures that might eat us, but to give us a fair warning to stay the “blank” out.
People have been injured and some have even died here. The claim has always been that they fell off the cliff climbing up to Glen Oko Falls. But I don’t believe it any more. They may have been stupid enough to go into the cave, or even just kayak past it, but they won’t be able to make that mistake again (or any other mistake again for that matter). If only they could read.
In any case, I came in the late afternoon one day, and watched, from a great distance of course (I’m not totally stupid). And when the sun started to go down this place really came to life. I saw them all.
They all come out at night, and they’re very, very hungry.glen-oko-2 glen-oko-3 glen-oko-4 glen-oko-5 glen-oko-6glen-oko-7a

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