Das Awkscht Fescht 2016 In Macungie

MacCungie-Car-Show-1Macungie had their Das Awkscht Fescht 2016 this past month and it was terrific as always. There were a ton of cars, but not quite as many as last year.
Check out the third photograph. As much as I love to get into politics and I think the Constitution is pretty good and needs to be defended, I’m sure glad that boondoggle of an 18th Amendment was repealed. It caused one of the biggest crime sprees America ever had. This is why the government should be restrained by a strong Constitution. We elect too many numbskulls and they become “inebriated” with power. It only took them 13 miserable years to figure out that sometimes they act like idiots. I wonder how long it will take them to figure out that Obamacare is crushing the people to death. Any bets?
The 11th photograph has a car that comes prepared with water bags for their radiators, not too high-tech. But you surely didn’t want to run dry.
And of course someone had a Mickey Mouse hood ornament. They certainly didn’t have them back in those days but he is my favorite cartoon character and he does look good in gold. Well, most of us do.
They have this great show at Macungie Memorial Park every year. Here’s the website.MacCungie-Car-Show-2 MacCungie-Car-Show-3 MacCungie-Car-Show-4 MacCungie-Car-Show-5 MacCungie-Car-Show-6 MacCungie-Car-Show-7 MacCungie-Car-Show-8 MacCungie-Car-Show-9 MacCungie-Car-Show-10 MacCungie-Car-Show-11 MacCungie-Car-Show-12 MacCungie-Car-Show-13

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