Not Really Following The Rules

Peace-RockThere are a ton falls and rivers around here to swim in and cliffs to jump off. Not legally of course, but what the heck. What are you going to do when the parents bring their children to these places to cool off? They plainly are not going to follow the rules.
But what’s under the water?
We went to Jacobsburg Environmental Area the other day to take pictures of the quarry. Kids go there to jump off the cliffs. We asked the park ranger where it was and he told us it’s illegal to even go there, it’s fenced off. He said there are crevices under the water and kids jump in deep, come up under a ledge and can’t get out. A number of them have died.
Just recently someone died jumping off of Peace Rock, which is how I heard of it and went to take some pictures. The place was filthy. The garbage was piled up almost as tall as I am. Mothers were there with their children. Besides this filth, the water frequently is laden with bacteria.
We have Beltsville Park near us. It’s popular place to swim and have a BBQ. People come in from New York and New Jersey to swim here. It is often closed due to bacteria levels being way too high.
I don’t really want to tell people what to do with their children in the off-limits areas, but as someone that suffered greatly from the Norovirus, you really want as little exposure to bacteria, germs, and viruses as possible. These things have a shelf life and they’re all around us.
There. That’s my bit of advice for humanity today. Stay away from bacteria and don’t jump off cliffs.Hawk-Falls-Swimmers-1 Hawk-Falls-Swimmers-2

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