Fabulous Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

PA-Renaissance-Faire-1We had a great time at the fabulous Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in Manheim PA. It was quite elaborate and beautiful. The actors were friendly and the costumes were phenomenal, colorful and unique. Keep in mind, it was 90 degrees in the morning! Unbearable! The costumes looked heavy but the actors were real pros. I only rarely saw anyone sweating. Surely they would by the afternoon. We actually went through very fast, as it was way too hot for us. We hoped no one would collapse from the heat. I just don’t know how they do it. They really have got to love it. One guy, as you can see, was on stilts in a tree costume. That had to be one of the hottest costumes we saw.
The actors walked around doing skits every where they went. It was one of the best reenactments I’ve ever been to.
Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is on every weekend through October.
Here’s their website.PA-Renaissance-Faire-2 PA-Renaissance-Faire-3 PA-Renaissance-Faire-4 PA-Renaissance-Faire-5 PA-Renaissance-Faire-6 PA-Renaissance-Faire-7 PA-Renaissance-Faire-8 PA-Renaissance-Faire-9 PA-Renaissance-Faire-10 PA-Renaissance-Faire-11 PA-Renaissance-Faire-12

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