Seven Tubbs Natural Area In Summer

Seven-Tubbs-1Here’s another visit to Seven Tubbs Natural Area in Pennsylvania. It’s beautiful there. This time I had a longer lens, and this time I climbed under the bridge and out on the cliffs. I was able to get much closer. But getting back out was a little difficult. I’m stiff as a board and have a really bad back. I had trouble figuring out which way to turn to get back up without falling off the cliff. I’ve been in pain ever since, but I got some really nice shots, so it’s mitigating the pain.
And thank God for pain killers.Seven-Tubbs-2 Seven-Tubbs-3 Seven-Tubbs-4 Seven-Tubbs-5 Seven-Tubbs-6 Seven-Tubbs-7 Seven-Tubbs-8 Seven-Tubbs-9 Seven-Tubbs-10

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