What Does This Mean?

Swimming-Cliff-1What does the word “No” mean?
Definition: used in notices or slogans forbidding or rejecting something specified.Warning-Sign

In this case it means:
No Jumping
No Rock Climbing
No Swimming

Well, apparently our parents and schools once again are failing us.
Besides writing it, in case the little numbskulls can’t read (and why would we expect them to do that when they can’t speak either) the park authorities gave us cute little illustrations as well. They didn’t make much of an impact on our little friends. It was obviously interpreted as:
“Make you sure don’t miss out on the FABULOUS ROCK CLIMBING, JUMPING OFF ROCKS, into the river where YOU CAN SWIM TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT.”
An honest mistake I’m sure.

Yes these nimrods were not just swimming but jumping off the cliff. Dangerous to say the least. When one of them gets hurt I’m sure the lawsuits will be flying out faster than they could dive. They may not have much of a case though, since it’s tough to sue the government, but I’m sure their over-indulgent parents will give it a try.

In their defense, it was a brutally hot weekend, and there’s probably not much to do in the area. George Childs Park is beautiful park but the humidity was so high this day by the time we got back to the car we were almost as wet as the kid’s in the river. But I’m sure they felt a lot more comfortable than we did.Swimming-Cliff-1abSwimming-Cliff-2 Swimming-Cliff-3 Swimming-Cliff-4 Swimming-Cliff-5

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