Tourist Etiquette Is In The Toilet

George-Childs-1Once again on a trip to George Childs Park it started off fine. I was looking forward to seeing the waterfalls since it was a beautiful day. But the place had a ton of tourists. These particular tourists decided this was their “personal” falls. It was their space, and belonged to no one else. They all took their photos so I waited for them to move, but no. They sat down on the huge flat rocks in front of the main falls and decide to play. They NEVER once looked around to see the other people that were there and waiting. At one time when I was approaching the front and photographing a particular area one of their crowd was practically leaning over my shoulder to take a snapshot on his phone. The rudeness was stunning. I’ve never seen it this bad.
The main falls has three tiers, no one could get in a position to see it all at once because the rude people took over.
So since I wasn’t about to scream the obscenities I was thinking at the rude people we just moved on.
But we did see a little bit of hope at the end of our journey. We arrived at the “Cooker”. As it was told to me, this is where they cook rude people so that they can never come back again. Next time we come, we may have rude people, but it won’t be the same rude people. Sooner or later we’ll have to run out of them.
Hope springs eternal.George-Childs-2 George-Childs-3 George-Childs-4 George-Childs-5 George-Childs-6 George-Childs-7 George-Childs-8 George-Childs-9 George-Childs-10 George-Childs-Cooker

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