Renaissance Fair In West End

Renaissance-Fair-1We went to the Renaissance Fair In West End, Gilbert, Pennsylvania. This was the first time there was one in my area. The costumes and actors were great. Unfortunately not many people came. I was hoping it would be a big hit so they would come back yearly. But it was on for two weekends and there didn’t seem to be that big of an interest. If there were more people I could have taken pictures unnoticed. I REALLY don’t like to be noticed, I much prefer hiding. Anyway, they would pose for me, which just makes me more nervous. But their friendliness really helped to put me at ease.
The players certainly gave it their all. They were super friendly, talented, and colorful. The only thing I would want if they did come again is to decorate the fair grounds to be more fitting for the times. Other than that we really enjoyed the walk through the fair grounds. We’ll go to the big one in Manheim later this summer. Maybe we’ll see the same great actors.Renaissance-Fair-2 Renaissance-Fair-3 Renaissance-Fair-4 Renaissance-Fair-5 Renaissance-Fair-6 Renaissance-Fair-7 Renaissance-Fair-8 Renaissance-Fair-9 Renaissance-Fair-10 Renaissance-Fair-11 Renaissance-Fair-12 Renaissance-Fair-13 Renaissance-Fair-14 Renaissance-Fair-15 Renaissance-Fair-16

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