The Poop Kings

Geese-Poop-1They own it all.
It’s all theirs.
Watch where you step. Really!
Here we see them replicating themselves…little, soon to be, Poopers.
They can’t help themselves, well who can?
They watch, they hear, they stare you down.
Get too close and they attack.
Run…anywhere…and you step in it big time.
It’s their built-in defense mechanism.
You think they’d make a delicious dinner?
Not on your life.
So they poop, and poop, and poop, all over the freakin’ place.
You will keep your distance and you will eat chicken, not duck, not goose, chicken. Got it?
There will be no discussion on the topic.
They’re like the Goose That Laid The Golden Egg.
Only they’re not filled with golden eggs, they’re filled with poop.
Cut them open and all you’ll find is poop.
That “golden egg-laying goose” was just a fairy tale.
Geese are filled with poop, not gold, poop.
And do not ever forget: this is their world.Geese-Poop-2Geese-Poop-3Geese-Poop-4Geese-Poop-5Geese-Poop-6Geese-Poop-7Geese-Poop-8Geese-Poop-9

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